Commercial Flooring for all Sectors. Here is the list of sectors we serve as Commercial Tile Flooring.

  • Corporate House Commercial Tile Flooring
  • Education Institute
  • Government Offices
  • Healthcare Care Center Flooring
  • Hospitality Center Tile Flooring
  • Industrial Estate Commercial Tile Flooring
  • Retail Sector Commercial Tile Flooring
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Tenant Improvement
  • Assisted Living

Commercial Tile Flooring is a versatile, long-lasting and elegant solution for a variety of commercial applications. It is a great flooring option for commercial business. Alliance has experience in handling commercial projects in every market segment. Alliance commercial tile flooring has the sales, management, service, and product specification expertise to address your every need.

Corporate House Commercial Tile Flooring

Alliance can service every commercial flooring need from Fortune 500 companies to small corporate spaces. Check out below some of our recent corporate houses tile flooring work.

Education Institute

From Pre-schools to universities, Alliance has unsurpassed experience working with the education sector. Check out below some of our recent institute tile flooring work.

Government Offices

Alliance's experienced staff has extensive expertise with "prevailing wage" projects and all nuances required to perform work for federal, state and local governmental entities. Check out below some of our recent governmental entities tile flooring work.

Healthcare Care Center Flooring

Alliance's focus on national health care also extends to our local branch markets as well. We have assembled a team of sales and management personnel in each location with unsurpassed experience, knowledge and a commitment to your desired healthcare flooring application.

Hospitality Center Tile Flooring

Alliance has installed flooring for multiple large hospitality brand names across the country including Omni Hotels, Marriott, Holiday Inn, Best Western, Renaissance, Hilton, Doubletree, Embassy Suites, among others. Check out below some of our recent hospitality sector tile flooring work.

Industrial Estate Commercial Tile Flooring

Alliance's financial commitment to equipment needed for industrial projects, gives us a unique competitive advantage. Alliance employs "in-house" mechanics to maintain safety and avoid downtime on your project. Alliance owns in excess of fifteen (15) shot blasters, grinders, and polishers and we have abraded more than 50 million square feet of concrete. Get in touch with Alliance industrial commercial tile flooring work.

Retail Commercial Tile Flooring

Alliance's multiple locations allow us to service national and local retail chains across the country both competitively and effectively. Let's get started today for all your retail sector commercial tile flooring requirements.

Sports & Recreation

What do Cardinals Stadium, The University of Arizona, The Ballpark in Surprise, The American Airlines Center, and more all have in common? Alliance has installed their floors with unique and exacting style and design. Get a Quote for Commercial Tile Flooring It's Free.

Tenant Improvement

Most every tenant improvement project needs flooring, and Alliance has the flooring solutions for every tenant improvement project. Our experienced staff can turn your needs into reality in less than 24 hours in some cases. We understand better tenant flooring requirements.

Assisted Living

Certain quality of life issues exist when installing flooring in Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, or Memory Care projects. Alliance specifies and installs floors that address issues related to safety, health, comfort, performance, and sustainability. Get a Quote for assisted living flooring It's Free.

Check out some of our recent commercial work

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